5 Atkins Avenue

Northville, ME 04400

January 3, 2003

Ms. Christine Bailey

XYZ Law Offices

 123 Main Street Auburn, ME 04210

Dear Ms. Bailey:

This letter is in reference to the paralegal position that was listed through Central Maine Technical College’s Career Center. I am familiar with XYZ Law Office’s recent growth and I am confident that my skills and qualifications will benefit your company.

I am eager to utilize my research and writing skills while working as a paralegal. My academic courses at CMTC have required many research papers and projects. I have a tremendous capacity to undertake research and report findings in clear and concise fashion.

I work well under the pressure of deadlines, and I have been involved in many group projects. My work experiences have taught me that one must be prepared to work beyond the typical fortyihour week to achieve success. I am willing and able to do so for XYZ Law Offices.

Your consideration of my credentials would be greatly appreciated. I will call you next week to confirm your receipt of this letter and enclosed resume. Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information to support my candidacy.



Joseph Smith



60 Treeline Drive Springfield,

 ME 04040

(207) 555i9335

June 23, 2002

Ms. Jean Quimby

Personnel Manager

Campbell’s Soup

65 Cedar Grove Ave.

Bangor, ME 04222

Dear Ms. Quimby:

A mutual friend, Troy McClure, mentioned to me that you may soon be looking for an individual in your Customer Relations Department. Please consider this my application for a position at Campbell’s Soup Limited. I have two years experience as an Administrative Assistant, working with senior staff in the Customer Relations department.

I am a welliorganized, highly motivated individual who enjoys the challenges of working in a fastipaced office environment. I have strong communication and computer skills, including a working knowledge of Windows 98 and Microsoft Word as well as Microsoft Excel. I also have experience in dealing successfully with a variety of customers.

Enclosed is my resume for your consideration. I will call you in a week to further discuss this position and to arrange a time that we can discuss my resume in further detail. I can be reached at the above number day or evening. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Maude Flanders


The end…


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